Carpet Moth Killer

A new water based moth killer specifically formulated for use on oriental rugs and carpets.


As a life-long rug dealer, I have spent the last thirty plus year’s bravely battling moths. Come the warmer months from March, the battle begins, and things don’t quieten down until around October.


I went through the usual cycle of fogging and spraying, and pheromone moth traps, but I only ever won the battle, never the war.


So, with the help of some very clever people, I have produced Carpet Moth Killer. It really does do what it says on the bottle. It instantly kills moth and the moth grub that actually does the damage, and then goes on protecting your rug or fitted carpet for at least one year.

It could not be easier to use:

Carpet Moth Killer is supplied ready to use in a 500ml trigger spray.

Remove pets and children from the room until dry.

Lightly spray the back and front of your rug (just a misting). For fitted carpet, spray the front only.

Leave to dry; this shouldn’t take more than one hour.

No more moths, and no risk of moths on that rug or carpet for at least one year.

Safe to use in the home even with children & pets (Please read label)


Carpet Moth Killer will not change the look or feel of your valuable rugs


Instant and long lasting protection


Very easy to use


Very economical